so last night when I was at the gym I had this totally defying self realization moment.

and that was..

that I look good.

I know I’m not close to where I want to be..

but still.

no more bad thoughts. I kept stealing looks at myself in the mirror as I was running. When had my legs gotten so damn small? when could I begin to see those bones where my legs bend at the back of the knee? when did my arms start looking so healthy and defined?

I still have a lot left to lose, but I love my body now and that’s whats important. if I never learn to love it before I get to my goal am I ever going to love it then?

..and since I do love it..I need to treat it with respect & only put healthy nutritional foods in it. 12 pounds need to go before my birthday. I can SOO do this!!

Good for you, lovee! This makes me super happy <333